Instructions for How to Use Furgison & Co., CPA's Secure Client Portal (NetClient CS)

Furgison & Co., CPA takes the security of your information seriously and therefore is making available to you, free of charge, a Secure Client Portal (referred to as NetClient CS).

Our Client Portal is a secure online website which serves as a confidential location to store and share electronic documents with us privately. Client Portal uses 256‐bit encryption, redundancy & password protection; an equivalent level of security as online banking.

Use it to get copies of your tax returns and source documents (such as W-2's), and more! No need to hunt for your paper copies. Access your files anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection. And if you'd like, even take advantage of our Mobile App (see download links below). We will securely maintain these files for your access in accordance with our Terms Agreement, provided at registration.

Once you have decided to use Furgison & Co., CPA's Secure Client Portal (NetClient CS), the following will need to occur:

  1. First, your Client Ally needs to input your email address into our system, and pair you with the appropriate account(s).

  2. Then, you will receive an email from with the subject "Register Your NetClient CS account".

    Secure Client Portal (NetClient CS)

  3. Click the "Register" link in the first paragraph.

  4. Create a Login for your account. You will need to create your own unique username and password. (You should write this down and keep in a safe place because we don't have access to your password)

    Secure Client Portal (NetClient CS)

  5. Then it should say "Success Your Registration is Complete!". It will ask you to enter your password again to Log‐In.

    • If it says "Sorry there was an issue on our end." First try reentering your username and password. Contact us, if you experience further issues.

  6. Our Terms Agreement will appear. Click "I Agree" to continue.

  7. Now you should see your Portal account. To simplify future password resets, click to configure your Security Questions. This will allow you to reset your password on your own in the future, should you forget it. Furgison & Co., CPA cannot reset your password for you, and we cannot see your Security Questions/Answers.

    Secure Client Portal (NetClient CS)

  8. If you would like to send us documents securely, chose "Upload". Browse to the file, or drag in from your computer. Click "Start Upload". The Furgison & Co., CPA professional in-charge of your account will receive an automatic notification. Feel free to email your Client Ally directly via email ( to communicate messages, but avoid emailing financial documents, Social Security numbers and Dates of Birth via unsecured email. All confidential documents should be shared via this secure client portal.

  9. Your uploaded documents & published files from us will remain available to you in accordance with our Terms Agreement.

If you have any other questions regarding the use of the Client Portal (NetClientCS), please contact our office at (315) 816-4650.