Furgison & CO., CPA’s Client Portal (Using NetClient CS)

We take the security of your information seriously and therefore is making available to you, free of charge, a Secure Client Portal (referred to as NetClient CS). In today’s environment, it’s possible to do more, anytime, anywhere, thanks to the Internet. And now, you can work with us online via our easy & secure "Client Portal". It’s as easy and as secure as online banking. Once we set up your portal, you can:

  1. Get copies of your tax returns and source documents such as W-2’s, and more! No need to hunt for your paper copies.

  2. Send us your documents securely online or via the Mobile App. It’s simple to use and securely encrypted with 256-bit encryption, redundancy & password protection. No need to use unsecure email, fax, mail, or overnight delivery. Documents are available instantly.

  3. Access your files anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection. Even take advantage of our Mobile App from your cell phone or mobile device. We will securely maintain these files for your continued access, in accordance with our Terms Agreement, provided at registration.

It’s all completely private and secure. And once you’re set up, it’s as easy as logging in to your client portal website using a secure ID and password.

Setting up your private portal is fast and easy. Please click here to request your free Client Portal:

Request Portal

Contact us for more information, or click here to learn more about how to use the Client Portal:

How To Use Client Portal

You can also click here to: Access Your Client Portal

Download the Mobile App

  • Apple devices: Download the NetClient CS mobile app from the App Store
  • Android devices: Download the NetClient CS mobile app from Google play